Community partnerships play significant roles in creating diverse contexts for music teaching and learning. CMSa2’s community partnerships are invaluable, for they provide opportunities for sharing information, obtaining financial and in-kind support, making available resources stretch further, raising visibility on local issues and opportunities, and unleashing new talents and resources to address current problems. Currently, CMSa2 partners with area schools, local orchestras, businesses, and other non-profit organizations.

Area Schools: CMSa2 exists to enrich and support area school music programs. As state funding cuts continue to impact public music education, CMSa2’s vision is to provide an economically-accessible, quality setting to supplement the schools’ music programs and inspire kids to thrive through the arts. CMSa2 also, in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Public Schools, strives to provide equitable access to music instruction to underserved students, primarily students of color. Through the COMP Tutor Program, students who demonstrate need may receive individual instruction for $0-$6 per lesson. Additionally, CMSa2 partners with area private schools on a variety of events such as art shows, summer camps, and more.

Local Orchestras and Musicians: CMSa2 partners with area orchestras and musicians. For instance, the University of Michigan and Detroit Symphony Orchestras have provided access to coaches and guest artists for CMSa2 for special events and camps.

Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations: CMSa2 also partners with local businesses and non-profit organizations to better serve the Ann Arbor and surrounding communities including Shar Music, FLY Children’s Art Center, and Melissa and the Supersonic Music Makers.

Partnership with Clonlara School

Clonlara School Summer Program for High School Students:

Get High School Credit Through CMSa2 Summer Camps and Clonlara School

Are you a motivated student who wants to graduate early? Or perhaps you'd just like a more individualized music course of study that is not offered at your high school. Whether you want to get ahead, pursue a more individualized curriculum, or recover credits and catch up, you can take charge of your summer and earn up to two full credits at Clonlara School. What better way to do so than by attending one of CMSa2's summer camps! Please call the office at (734) 213-2000 or e-mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information and/or contact an Enrollment Associate about possibilities at Clonrara School at: 734.769.4511.