Chamber Music Program

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Chamber music is what defines most music genres - it's what lies at the heart of a rock band, a jazz combo, an acappella choir, hip hop group and a string quartet.  While it may come in many shapes and sizes, the one consistent factor is teamwork.  Chamber musicians are honing their skills include knowing when to lead, when to listen, taking responsibility for one another, constant communication and problem solving collaboratively. The CMSa2 Chamber Music Program offers intermediate to advanced level musicians a unique opportunity to study chamber music on an intense level with Ann Arbor's best teachers.  (See list of classes and descriptions below.)

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Youth Chamber Ensembles - Ages 10-15

A 5-week intensive workshop for young intermediate to advanced players who have some experience in chamber music or want to diversify their skills as musicians. Each ensemble will learn the intricacies of communication and the give-and-take of chamber playing.  Important components of the workshop:

  • STUDIO CLASS (Wednesdays):  Every week, ensembles will participate in a collarborative class that will cover concepts such as intonation, balance and ensemble, rehearsal techniques, and score reading.  Emphasis is placed on problem-solving, formulating and expressing ideas and collarboration.
  • INDEPENDENT REHEARSAL (Saturdays):  With the help of an onsite music expert, each ensemble will rehearse independently using guidelines set by their instructor at the previous studio class.  The power of chamber music comes from the process of reaching mutual undertanding and respect while working together towards a common goal.  
  • PERFORMANCE: At the end of the 5 weeks, all ensembles will perform on CMSa2's Chamber Recital.  Ensembles might also have the opportunity to perform throughout the community.


Pre-formed groups welcome.


Instructor: Amelia Taylor  


Creative Composers Chamber Ensemble - Ages 12+

In an intensive 5-week workshop, students explore arranging and composition across diverse genres, including classical, blues, and funk, as well as music from the Balkans, Celtic nations, and Nigeria. Teamwork and creativity are the main themes of this course. For intermediate to advanced instrumentalists. Important components of the workshop:

  • WEEKLY SESSION:  Every week, the class explores concepts including ear-training, improvisation, chord structures, transcription, arranging, and composition.  Emphasis is on creativity, listening, expression, communication, learning/playing by ear, collaboration, and autonomy.
  • RECORDING:  Students participate in the hands-on experience of recording their final arrangements and compositions at Neutral Zone's Oprheum Recording Studio.
  • PERFORMANCE: At the end of the 5 weeks, all chamber ensembles perform on CMSa2's Chamber Recital.  Ensembles may also have the opportunity to perform throughout the community at other local events



Instructor: Bethanni Grecynski

The Brandenburg Project - Ages 9+

The Brandenburg Project is a unique chamber ensemble for highly motivated young musicians who have a passion for Bach and his contemporaries. This period ensemble will explore in depth baroque playing techniques and develop all the teamwork, communication and problem solving skills needed to succeed as a chamber musician.  See the ensemble's website at

  • WEEKLY SESSIONS:  Every week, The Brandenburg Project participates in a collarborative class that involves both guided and independant rehearsal.  In addition to learing basic chamber music concepts such as intonation, balance and ensemble, rehearsal techniques, and score reading, students also explore the application of historical performance practice.   Emphasis is placed on group problem-solving, formulating and expressing ideas and collarboration.
  • WORKSHOPS with GUEST ARTISTS:  Every term, students have the oportunity to play for and learn from the nations top early music experts.
  • PERFORMANCE: The Brandenburg Project performs 6-8 times throughout the year both on CMSa2 events and throughout the community.   


Saturday | 3:30-5:30 | 12 weeks per term 

$250/term | $400/full-year

Instructor: Kasia Bielak-Hoops

Generously supported by Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and Arts Alliance.

Please fill out our Auditon Inquiry Form to request an audtion. 

Audition Requirements:

Both Individual Instrumentalists, and Preformed Groups (2-8 musicians) are welcome.  Pre-formed groups get a 10% discount per member.

Auditioners will be asked to play scales and a piece that best reflects the ability of the student. The purpose of the placement audition is to enable us to put students with similar abilities together in groups.

Preformed Groups will also need to schedule an audition.  Groups will be asked to perform a piece of their choice.

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