Introduction to Musicianship

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Introduction to Musicianship
Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm

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This 15-week course is designed to give students a solid introduction to basic musicianship skills, including solfège, sight singing, score reading, performing rhythms, and critical listening.  In learning to read and sing music at first sight, students will also be introduced to the basics of music theory—modes, scales, and chord formations.  Counting-and-clapping exercises will increase students’ ability to accurately perform rhythms, and reading from scores will acquaint them with a variety of musical clefs and transposition techniques. Students will also learn how to listen for various musical characteristics in recorded music, including tempo, dynamics, expression (i.e., staccato, legato, rubato), and instrumentation. These skills form the foundation of musical practice, and are necessary for musical growth.  This is a course that will benefit students throughout their entire musical lives.
This course is for students with a minimum of two years of previous musical training. Because this course is performance-based (students will be expected to sing and perform rhythms in class), practice at home will be necessary, though two hours a week should suffice.
This course will be taught by Jessica Getman, an active oboist and musicologist.

Instructor: Jessica Getman

$158/semester | 15 sessions Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

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