Piano classes/lessons with Simply Music Method


Simply Music is a remarkable Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that has students of all ages playing great-sounding music immediately — from their very first lessons. Simply Music uses a unique “playing-based” approach that focuses on the sheer joy of making music.  Reading music is temporarily delayed so that beginning students have their full attention on playing the piano and are free to establish a hands-on and personal feeling for the instrument.
In their first year, students build a playlist of 30-50 classical, contemporary, gospel, blues, and accompaniment pieces.  The Simply Music curriculum includes composition, improvisation, arrangement, accompaniment, classical, blues, jazz, reading music, writing music, transposing music, and theory.

Simply Music is based on the premise that everyone is naturally musical, while the overriding aim of the program is for students to retain music as a lifelong companion.  To this end, the program has four subordinate goals: that students experience their musicianship as a natural self-expression; that they play a huge repertoire covering a broad array of musical styles and genres; that they develop the ability to self-generate, i.e., the ability to progress independently; and that they have a highly positive, self-affirming experience in their piano lessons and throughout their musical life.  Lessons are supported by a comprehensive array of DVD-based student home materials.

Contrary to what one might expect, Simply Music classes with students of similar age will actually provide, for most students, a superior learning experience to Simply Music private lessons. However, private lessons are available for students with special learning or scheduling needs.  A parent or other adult must attend a child’s lessons or classes.

It is strongly recommended that those interested in enrolling attend a (free) introductory session to learn more about the method.  The session lasts 45 minutes to an hour and will include a demonstration of the types of songs you will learn, an explanation of the Simply Music playing-based approach, a demonstration of how we teach the method, and a time for questions and answers.  To attend an introductory session, please contact the office at 734-213-2000 or by email at  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

More information on Simply Music can be found at these websites:


http://www.simplymusic.com/Assets/1670/1/Simply_Music_Curric_Ov4.pdf (PDF)

Instructor:  Richard Carnes
Class and lesson times:  To be arranged with instructor

Tuition for Private Lessons
Group of 30 private lessons (fall & spring semesters 15 sessions each)
IF YOU REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 get a 5% discount and no registration fee (payment plans are available):
30-minute | $997.50 ($33.25 each)
45-minutes | $1425 ($47.50 each)
60-minute | $1852.50 (61.75 each)


Group of 15 private lessons:
30-minute | $525 ($35 each)
45-minutes | $750 ($50 each)
60-minute | $975 ($65 each)

Individual Private lesson
30-minute | $40
45-minutes | $55
60-minute | $70

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For more information and schedule an appointment with the instructor Mr. Richard Carnes, please call the office at 734.213.2000