Suzuki Programs for violin (ages 3 yrs +)


Suzuki Meets Opera+Group Class Combo*

This is a wonderful opportunity for children familiar with the world of Suzuki.  Using repertoire from the Suzuki method, students will create and perform an opera, complete with handmade sets and costumes.  Your child will tap into his/her creative self and learn the joys of working as a team and create long lasting friendships. More traditional elements of Suzuki group class format will also be incorporated in the first half of the class.

Taught by Ms. Bonnie Lyn Paige

Students must be currently studying with a private teacher. For children under 5 years old, a parent must be present during the class.   

Thursday | 5:30-6:30 pm

Fall & Spring Combined| $300 OR $158/ term

Suzuki Group Class ONLY* | Thursday 5:30-6:00

Suzuki Meets Opera ONLY | Thursday 6:00-6:30

Fall and Spring Combined | $150 OR $79/ term

*Minimum requirement: Student must know up to Lightly Row

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist and teacher, founded a music education movement in the 1950s based on the premise that all children are born with musical ability. The Suzuki approach is modeled after the way young children learn to communicate in their native language. A child will need encouragement and a positive attitude from its parents and teachers.Parents that are new to the Suzuki method are required to attend an introduction to the Suzuki philosophy, before the beginning of the child’s study. Parental participation, support in lessons, and practice at home, are essential to success. Prior knowledge of music is not needed, but parents must be willing to be very involved in the learning process. Numerous performances are offered throughout the year, and performance is a requirement.

About the Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method uses the violin as a medium to teach children the values of hard work, communication, respect, and music education. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s method seeks to nurture children within a musical environment to create a noble character and a sensitive heart, as well as development of left- and right-brains through musical and instrumental skills, movement, and self-expression. At CMSa2 we also strive to instill skills of independent problem-solving. The method begins with a period of “parent education” in which the parent and teacher meet to better prepare for the education of the child. These sessions with parents are considered individual lessons and are included in the tuition.

Private Lessons

Combined Fall and Spring terms (30, 32, or 34 lessons):

5% discount applied on or before Fall term registration deadline:
30-minute | $33.25 per lesson
45-minutes | $47.50 per lesson
60-minute | $61.75 per lesson
(Payment plans are available)

Single Term Private Lessons (15, 16 or 17 lessons):
30-minute | $35 per lesson
45-minutes | $50 per lesson
60-minute | $65 per lesson

Suzuki Group I (30min Class)
Thursdays, 5:30-6:00pm:
  Fall & Spring Combined: $150 | 20 sessions  **$125 if combined with Private Lessons
                            OR $79 / term | 10 Sessions  **$54 / term if combined with Private Lessons

Flexible private lessons (4-14 Lessons)
30-minute | $40 per lesson
45-minutes | $55 per lesson
60-minute | $70 per lesson

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Miss Bonnie, please call the office at 734.213.2000

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