CMSa2 Youth Ensembles Program

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Our Youth Ensembles Program offers a comprehensive sequence of developmental ensembles that prepare young musicians for membership in advanced high school orchestras. The goal of that program is to nurture musicianship and foster orchestral playing.

FALL AUDTIONS | SEPTEMBER 9th and 10th | 5-9 pm

Calling ALL young string, wind and percussion players!  Bring a scale and a piece you sound your best on!  

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  • A dedicated, enthusiastic and highly accomplished team of teachers
  • Specialized instruction for all instrumental groups.  
  • Full-orchestra experience for intermediate to advanced players.
  • Exposure to the greats - from Bach to Brahms - as well as to a wide variety of other genres, including folk, jazz, latin and more!
  • Yearly workshops bringing in inspiring guest musicians.
  • A lifetime of musical and personal memories


Youth String Ensembles

Supportive rehearsals guide students to develop professionalism and lead to musically sensitive, mature performances of challenging yet level appropriate student string literature. 


Introductory Youth String Ensemble:  

For string players with Suzuki book 1-3 experience (or 1-3 years experience)


Monday 5:30-7:15 | Music Director: Mrs. Caitlin Mihalko


Intermediate/ Advanced Youth String Ensemble:

For intermediate to advanced string players with Suzuki book 4+ experience (or 4+ years experience) 

This group is joined by the Wind and Percussion Youth Ensembles in the later half of each term for the full-orchestra experience.

Monday 6:30-8:30 | Music Director: Mr. Matthew Nix

 $450 for full year (monthly payment plans available)



Advanced Youth Wind and Brass Ensembles

Highly motivated Wind and Brass players with 2 or more years of experience will learn the intricacies of successful sectional playing by working intensely in smaller chamber enembles.  These advanced ensembles join the advanced string ensemble for the full-symphony experience in the later half of each term:


Woodwind Quintet | Brass Quintet

Monday 6:30-8:30 | Coached by leading professionals in the Ann Arbor Area


Highly motivated percussion players with 2+ years experience will benefit from a challenging yet fun chamber experience.  This ensemble has members who participate in the full-orhestra experience but most members will be preparing to play on CMSa2's chamber music concert at the end of the term.  Please note: rehearsals are on Thursday.


Percussion Ensemble

Thursday 6:30-8:30 | Coached by Pete Goodman

$450 for full year (monthly payment plans available)