Collaborative Outreach Music Program (COMP)


A partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools, the COMP Tutor Program provides students who have severe financial constraints with private music instruction on their instrument. Doing so allows them to keep up with the standards of excellence typical of middle and high school students who are enrolled in a music program and/or have access to private instruction.

The COMP Tutor Program was developed in the 1990’s to address the inequity that existed in our music programs around the issue of access. It became apparent that many students, primarily students of color, were dropping out of school music programs because they could not keep up with the standards of excellence due to a demonstrated lack of access to private lessons on their instrument.  At that time, $3,000 was set aside in the Public Schools' music department budget to implement a program where students who had severe financial constraints could apply for and receive private music instruction on their instrument.  The program struggled initially due to lack of funds, and lack of consistent private music instructors.

In the 2007-2008 school year, however, CMSa2 entered into a partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools.  Following our mission to provide access to music instruction to all—no matter their income--CMSa2 picked up the COMP Tutor Program.  The COMP Tutor Program is now funded by CMSa2 and the Ann Arbor Public Schools through grants and individual donations.  Due to these generous contributions, throughout the academic year we are able to provide qualifying COMP students weekly private tutor sessions with our talented CMSa2 faculty at little to no cost.  CMSa2 and AAPS have been able to complement each other and to work towards the ultimate goal of both organizations, which is to reach as many students as possible and to level the playing field for all students who are serious and motivated to pursue music.